2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 18,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

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DHP August 30, 2012- Yellow Submarine


supposin there aren’t any blue meanies in the area…

my footnotes for my latest book, this is my standard procedure for doing it, and while i compose it, i’m also reviewing it…

Ringo carrying John as they escape the blue meanies encampment




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DHP August 18, 2012- A WHOLE BUNCH OF SHIT!

I’m super sorry i have been so wretchedly AWFUL at keeping up w/this blog of late ladies & gents…my life has been in a real uproar lately, got a friend moved in & stayin w/us because she’s got mental problems akin to my own (giving her a safe space basically), other roommate is his usual pain in the ass self, and on top of that i’ve been having some serious health complications (mental and physical), one of which had me in the ER at 4AM two days ago…I’ll be fine, and i’m feeling much better but just wanted to let y’all know WHY i’ve been so terrible at keeping up w/this lately…i haven’t forgotten you my wonderful readers, my life has just been kinda nightmarishly hectic of late (and starting next week i’m starting to work on the first of the halloween commissions…a steampunk dress & two pairs of goggles).  Anyway, since I’ve been so lax in posting lately, here’s a WHOLE MESS of silly pix for y’all to enjoy! Cheers!

male bonding at its best lol

Eddie picks flowers in the park

the secret of the secret box is the most secretest secret in all of secretdom, no one can know…not even…SQUIDWARDS HOUSE!

the sort of thing people like Mitt Romney & Donald Trump get up to, i’m sure

GAH! this mission is such a headache!

amusing freeze frame i got when i paused the show to go do something

Rose trying to be sexy…i don’t know if its working 😉









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DHP August 13, 2012- Rocko’s Modern Life OH MY!

HEF!? put some pants on!


oh the subtle visual adult jokes of the 90’s how i miss them..here’s Rocko riding a beaver ;D BAHAHAHA!

ahem…here’s Hef riding a…uh…chicken…yes, chicken, thats it




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DHP August 8, 2012- To Wong Foo

guess they couldn’t afford much for the makeup budget apparently…dear hollywood, cover girl does NOT cover man (remember young queenies, its VERY important…panstick IS your friend)

douchebag to do list (what a closet case)


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DHP July 30 2012- Simpsons

Homer looks HILARIOUS like this 🙂

is it just me or does Mr. Bergstrom totally look like Bert from Bert & Ernie


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DHP July 27 2012- Me & my silly giant bunny ears

Had another order for a pair of my giant bunny ears, this one was a rush order for an Alice in Wonderland shoot that is happening w/a photographer in Chicago this monday (hope i get to see the results :D).  In the mean time, here are a couple photos of me modeling them so my customer could see how they turned out.

NOTE- I do other animal ears too (cat ears, dog ears, smaller bunny ears, goat ears, etc etc etc) and all kinds of other costuming and tailoring, be sure to check out the site-

L.D. Originals & Custom Couture, GLBT Friendly Fashion & So Much More!


preliminary this morning before i sewed the actual fastening straps & camouflaged the stabilizer rigging 🙂

amusing totally accidental freeze frame, bunny buck teeth & all LOL

16″ tall giant bunny ears, available for $40 a pair in my etsy shop, $50 for rush orders (any order that a lots less than 2wks time to complete), available in standard headband style and giant bow tie strap on 🙂



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DHP July 22nd 2012- Simpsons

amusing freeze frame of bart i caught the other day when i paused the cartoons before leaving for the store

continuity error, continuity error, this is season 14, well after marge gave his shirt to the goodwill back in season eight

whoa, lou was yellow in his first appearance


SUPER sorry for being gone for like a week and change, things have been SUPER hectic here, i’m going into a psychiatric outpatient program this month to help get me my much needed meds back and hopefully find a new therapist and to help solidify my SSI claim w/an up dated psychological profiling, wish me luck. but be warned, updates may be off & on for a while longer still.  thank you for your patience



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DHP July 9, 2012- RIP Ernest Borgnine/Mermaidman

Today’s DHP will be dedicated to the memory of Ernest Borgnine who passed away yesterday age 95 (a perfectly acceptable age to go, but I’m still sad), you may remember him from such things as The Love Boat, McHale’s Navy, Airwolf and the like, or possibly as the voice of Mermaidman from the Spongebob cartoons on nickelodeon (one of my favorite bit characters from the series).  So today we salute Ernest & his departure, he leaves behind a great career of entertainment and he will be missed.  RIP Mermaidman 😉

i had always wondered WHY they used a clip of Ernest giving the thumbs up in the first mermaidman episode of Spongebob, now i know lol. RIP Ernest Borgnine



bikini bottoms noblest, boldest, OLDEST super heroes!


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DHP July 3, 2012- Daria

this would be very surreal…a kid shining your shoes? in the 90s, while you’re babysitting….weird


oh yeah, whip that hair Jessy! lol

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