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Daily Humour Pix 1st Edition

I am a collector of humorous pix.  But not just ANY funny pix, like LOLcats/dogs/whatever, or demotivational (though I do love both of the above categories of hilarious pix), you see I am an AVID collector of cartoon & movie stills as I always seem to have the HARDEST time finding pix that properly express various emotions, or in some cases, an impossible time locating a particular capture of a specific character.  I’m sure you can relate, my viewers.  The other reason I collect these images is I suffer from chronic depression and when I am REALLY in a severe slump, I find that if I open one of these folders and start leafing through the pix, eventually ONE of them will make me laugh, and I think laughter is truly one of the best medicines.
I have three folders with literally 1000s of images and now, I’ve decided to start sharing them with YOU! (whoever you are…wait, who are you? lol).  So I hope you enjoy this first issue of D.H.P.

Jay Sherman of ‘The Critic’ In one of his random hallucinations, in this one he’s Marilyn Monroe.  (The Critic ©FOX)
Rocko of ‘Undergrads’ Eating a sock puppet.  (Undergrads ©MTV)
The MAXX from the comic/cartoon of the same name, hallucinating about the Crappon In A Hat.  (The MAXX ©Sam Keith)
Weird Al’s face, in drag makeup, computer mapped onto a body double, from his latest music video release ‘Perform This Way’ (Perform This Way ©Weird Al)
Mr. Wriggly aka Dad, of ‘Pete & Pete, performing CPR on his flooded law…can you conceive of something more bizarre to see out your window on a Sunday morning? (Pete & Pete ©Nickelodeon)

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