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DHP 31st Ed.

Queer Duck & the gang! (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
What are you doing up? its not even noon… (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Bi-Polar Bear, still my favorite ! (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Queer Duck interrupts the clansmen about to burn down his house (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Queer Duck goes to heaven & meets Socrates, Davinci & Walt Whitman (Queer Duck ©Showtime)

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DHP 30th Ed.

Men, you’re going to war soon, and you must be prepared for ANYTHING!…(Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
WAIT, that cat has a mustache AND a goatee, lol (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
lettuce leaf? (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
EXTREME CLOSEUP!! WHOAAAA! (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
Floppsey! (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)

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DHP 29th Ed.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! (Fifth Element ©Columbia Pictures)


Kyo wakes up w/Aya next to him…he is NOT happy (Fruits Basket ©Natsuki Takaya)


Help! I’ve fallen & I can’t get up! (Other Side ©Red Hot Chili Peppers)


WTF was in that coffee I just drank? (Dave the Barbarian ©The Disney Channel)


Ren…because its my favorite episode of this show! (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)

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LABN Ep. 0.5- Whats All This Then?

This is an explanatory episode to give you a heads up of what to expect from the show, I’m starting out w/a music review but I didn’t want you to think thats ALL I’m going to do… I’ve got a LOT planned, lots of little projects, skits, ideas just waiting to be put into play, I hope you will join me for the ride. The first OFFICIAL episode (1.1) will be airing next week on wed. August 3,2011, Hope you’ll tune in! Thanks for watching!

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DHP 28th Ed.

GAH! MY EYES ARE ON FIRE! PUT IT OUT MON! (Billy & Mandy ©Cartoon Network)


KISS MY ASS COW! (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)


DANCE w/us GIR, dance w/us INTO oblivion! (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)




Visual Foreshadowing, can you spot it? (The Maxx ©MTV)

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Humorous Videos & The LABN Teaser Trailer

Thought I’d share some of my humorous videos I’ve done recently and also post the videos for my web series I’m doing titled ‘Lets All Be Neurotic’ instead of starting a whole new blog just for it (I may end up doing that in the future, but who knows).  Below are two stop motion clips I’ve done recently (my first ever stop motion) as well as the teaser trailer for LABN.

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DHP 27th Ed. NSFW

kitties in space suits? (from ‘My Pussy’ By Amanda Lepore ©Peter Arena)
Amanda Lepore & her Pussy (from ‘My Pussy’ By Amanda Lepore ©Peter Arena)
Is it just me or does that look like the cat from the ‘melon colly & the infinite sadness’ album art? (from ‘My Pussy’ By Amanda Lepore ©Peter Arena)
Bet you didn’t know pussys could water ski, did ya?  (from ‘My Pussy’ By Amanda Lepore ©Peter Arena)
SYMBOLISM!!! (from ‘My Pussy’ By Amanda Lepore ©Peter Arena)

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DHP 26th Ed.

Lets go home buddy 🙂 (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)
IMAGINATION! (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)
Musclebob Buffpants (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)
Grecian Spongebob? (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)
Ride the rainbow (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)

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DHP 25th Ed.

NOT NOW SON, I’M MAKING TOAST!!! (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)
Had to make room for the CUPCAKE! (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)
I WILL KILL YOU DIB!! GAZ ANGRY!! (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)
This is Iggins…he…is…ANNOYING! and ridiculous looking (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)
CRAZY!!! (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)

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DHP 24th Ed.

I’ll be back… (Frasier ©NBC)
Satyr Niles (Frasier ©NBC)
This is serious business! (Frasier ©NBC)
Is it just me, or does Niles look a little malevolent? also, it looks like he’s stabbing santa w/the wine bottle (Frasier ©NBC)
Niles is high…or so he thinks (Frasier ©NBC)

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