Review Vlog1 Preedit (pete & pete ‘the call’ pt.1&2)

Just posting this for friends to amuse themselves with, first attempt at an actual reviewing of something…I’ll edit in clips of the show, improve the sound etc later, but i just love watching the creative process, and seeing it evolve, so i tend to post raw material as well as post edits…so my friends, this is parts 1 & 2 of my review of Pete & Pete’s ‘THE CALL’ (pre-edit:meaning I haven’t touched up the audio, added in clips or sound effects, etc)

These are posts entirely for the amusement of my friends, if  you find them dull, don’t watch them.  Think of this like an unedited blooper reel basically.  the final copy will have cleaner sound, clips cut in and I’ll likely just reshoot the whole thing in multiple takes to ensure quality (and less of my ‘um…uh…um’ stammering while I grope for specific words or phrases).

Sorry for the blurry cam in the second half, I moved my chair forward slightly & threw off the preset focus (still learning how to use the video feature on my camera, I’m normally a still media only photographer).


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