Apologies, Tech. Difficulties…Standby

My apologies viewers, we are having some technical difficulties on our end tonight and DHP will be down until further notice (I’m not at all pleased about this).  You see, we switched operating systems and while I made it very clear I didn’t want to do this until we had all the bugs worked out, we were pushed into it anyway w/the assurance it’d be fine & dandy and up and running tonight, alas it is not.  While I do have access to the internet etc, I suppose I suppose I Shouldn’t complain TOO much, but it is nonetheless annoying.  All of my still frames are backed up on the shared network (since we had to completely reformat my hard drive) and thusly, as there is no access to the shared network from this point, there is no way to select my amusing pix and upload them.

I will get DHP back online just as SOON as the network share is debugged, my apologies.


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