Daily Humour Pix 7th Ed.

Bull appears to have had an epiphany…(Harry Stone & Bull Shannon ©Night Court)
CHICKEN JUGGLA!! Billy wants to be a chicken juggler, and this is by far the funniest still from the sequence…WTF? (Billy & Mandy ©Cartoon Network)
The shadow puppets from ‘Sita Sings the Blues’ discussing how Rama’s dad died, this is a film I HIGHLY recommend (Sita Sings the Blues ©Nina Paley)
This still of Spongebob is both amusing and slightly eerie to me (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)
Can’t wait to meet him! I want some of those contacts like he’s wearing, the black light sensitive ones, very neat…the over all effect frankly, awesome! (Fifth Element ©Columbia Pictures)

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