Daily Humour Pix 10th Ed.

Apologies if I’m a bit repeatative lately w/what shows these stills are from, I only have access to ONE of my folders worth of stills (I have SEVERAL) and thusly I have a limited range to choose from, I hope you enjoy them anyway! sorry I forgot to upload last night, was a busy night.

Time to BOOGY on down, with baby ’57! (The Critic ©Fox)
Martin Sherman smoking a pipe w/his belly button, quite a feat (The Critic ©Fox)
Blanche just found out she didn’t get the part of lady Macbeth & she’s not too happy (The Golden Girls ©CBS)
Only Homer could think THIS was how you make breakfast. (The Simpsons ©Fox)
Laughing white Iz (The MAXX ©MTV)

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