Daily Humour Pix 13th Ed.

Tonight, a Ren & Stimpy special!!! Because, if there’s one thing I just LOVE, its a good deranged show! ENJOY!

Now thats something you don’t see every day (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)
This is about how I look & feel when I haven’t been sleeping well (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)
NOW YOU’VE DONE IT! YOU, FORCED ME TO USE IT!!! (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)
Now its time for ask doctor stupid, w/your host, Doctor Stupid (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)
We are now taking over your television set, do not be alarmed (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)
And a little lol pic I made myself…EVERYONE STAND BACK! I’M GONNA TRY SCIENCE!! (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)

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