DHP 22nd Ed.

Dave gets turned into a were-beast, what ever he is bit by he turns into…in this instance he is a cow terrorizing the community of Udragoth (Dave the Barbarian ©Disney Channel)
Fang, Dave’s sister, then puts tuna on his knee & a cat bites him transforming him into a werecat (Dave the Barbarian ©Disney Channel)
Then they decide that he needs to be bit by a person, so uncle Oswidge bites Dave on the tail, and he transforms into a GIANT uncle O (Dave the Barbarian ©Disney Channel)
Through a random series of events he is then transformed into a hamster…(Dave the Barbarian ©Disney Channel)
an…eggbeater? wtf? (Dave the Barbarian ©Disney Channel)
Lula (the enchanted sword) (Dave the Barbarian ©Disney Channel)
And a gym teacher w/ a handle bar mustache apparently…they eventually get him to bite his own tongue and get him back to normal (Dave the Barbarian ©Disney Channel)

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