DHP August 2st Ed. (NSFW)

Today’s issue is a series of stills I actually took from an ONLINE show.  They are stills taken from The Spoony Experiment (a show associated w/TGWTG.com) and I decided, what the hey, I just said funny stills from shows & movies, I never stipulated what media they were broadcast over, so here’s a little salute to The Spoony One, who I think is one of the funniest internet reviewers I’ve seen so far (he’s certainly one of my favorites), hope you enjoy the stills and check out his site, he reviews all sorts of games & movies and he’s pretty damn funny.
This entry is labeled NSFW because in one of the images he’s holding a sex toy lol.
these are from his Ultima VII the Serpent Isle review  which is great, especially if you’re a fan of the Ultima series…for context, watch the review.
So yeah, here are some funny pix of the Spoony One, enjoy!

wait…why am i wearing frog mittens? (image ©The Spoony Experiment)
why the fuck did I pack this? (image ©The Spoony Experiment)
what the? (image ©The Spoony Experiment)
mmmm beef jerky (image ©The Spoony Experiment)
GAH! I swear it isn’t mine! honest! (image ©The Spoony Experiment)
FUCK!!!! THE RING IS GONE FOREVER!! (image ©The Spoony Experiment)

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