DHP September 8th Ed. (the Hasselhoff roast-mostly the Hulkster)

George Hamilton says ‘OOOOH SNAP!’ (roast ©Comedy Central)
Hasselhoff getting hugged, and humped by one of the comedians roasting…i forget which one and i’m too lazy to look it up) (roast ©Comedy Central)
The Hulkster, this is a man who is TOTALLY comfortable w/his sexuality, what other straight gym bunny could pull off that FABULOUS boa 😉 (roast ©Comedy Central)
Hulk got ribbed a lot for his fashion sense at the roast, but really i’m SHOCKED anyone would even consider ribbing this guy about being a ‘fag’ (when he so isn’t) (roast ©Comedy Central)
I mean LOOK at those GUNS! would YOU call this man a faggot? (i wouldn’t, even if i thought i was true, i’d be too terrified of the ensuing beat down LOL) i also have to say, this man is VERY well preserved, he’s getting up there in age but you can’t really tell much (roast ©Comedy Central)

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