LABN Ep.s 1.5 & 1.6 Ginsberg Recommends Queer Duck Pt.s 3-4

COMPLETELY forgot to cross post last week’s Lets All Be Neurotic episodes, here’s the descriptions etc 😀 enjoy!

LABN Ep. 1.5-
All sorts of random, minor, magical mishaps this week, first I show off by changing my kerchief & then we have a random appearance, missing glasses and more silliness. Thank you for watching & please, be sure to comment :)!

[ width=”640″ height=”510″]

LABN Ep. 1.6-
This week more wackiness ensues as we review episodes 12, 13 &14. Two guest stars make cameo appearances toward the end, we got to see our fag hag Wysskers (from Snack Time #1) and my partner Blaine shows up to translate for us as he plays the role of our resident French language expert. Hope you enjoy this weeks episode, thank you for watching, next week is our last week of Queer Duck for now (there are two episodes we’re saving for December and we’ll get to the movie in a few weeks after we take a breather). Much love!!

[ width=”640″ height=”510″]


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