DHP September 23rd Ed. new plan…(sponge & patrick)

OK…as I keep getting SWAMPED with various projects far more involved than this one, and I KEEP spacing this one, I am reformulating the blog to make it easier for me to ensure I get this done DAILY like its supposed to be done, it is DAILY humor pix after all lol.  From now on each day will feature 2 pix instead of 5, sorry but when I forget a couple days running it suddenly goes from quick! find 5pix to post, to OH CRAP I need to pick 15-20 pix ZOMG this is gonna take a while to cross check & make sure I’m not repeating images etc.
So this marks the first of the 2pic posts, I hope you guys still get as much enjoyment out of this as you did initially.  Cheers!

You two REALLY shouldn’t eat things you’re allergic to lol (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)
This are SERIOUS business sir, step aside please! (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)

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