This Week On LABN- 10 of Ginsberg’s Favorite Moments From Frasier (2pts)

Here’s this week’s cross over post from my Web-Show Blog ‘Lets All Be Neurotic, enjoy!

Here it is, 10 of my favorite moments from one of my favorite shows, Frasier. This isn’t a top 10, although it does have ONE of my favorite moments in the episode, its just 10 of my favorite moments, chosen at random and ordered from least to most favorite within the list. Hope you enjoy it! Next week’s show is a mystery/surprise, even I don’t know what I’m doing lol. Thanks for watching! Much love! Ciao for now! PS: I’m going to stop saying that the episodes will get shorter because clearly they wont, this one was so big i had to chop it in half, enjoy part one!

[ width=”640″ height=”510″]

Part II of this week’s episode of LABN. Here’s the HILARIOUS conclusion of clips, part II. Thanks for watching & for your patience! Much Love! CIAO!

[ width=”640″ height=”510″]


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