DHP October 16th Ed. (Animaniacs) + LABN Blooper Time!

TEETH! (Animaniacs ©Warner Bros.)


Pop quiz! (Animaniacs ©Warner Bros.)


First blooper reel for Lets All Be Neurotic, clips taken from footage from episodes 1.1-1.3, don’t worry, there’s plenty more bloopers to come, just didn’t think you’d want to sit through an FEATURE LENGTH blooper reel LOL, funny as it might be :P. Unfortunately i don’t know when i’ll be able to buy a new memory card & cord adapter for my camera so LABN might be just mini episodes from ‘bored surveillance’ etc for a while 😦 it will depend on when i get paid for various commissions i’ve done recently, etc. Hope you enjoy this blooper reel! (set to ‘the gonk’, special thanks to Linkara for letting me know the name of the tune & where i could find it…he’s a comic reviewer on TGWTG.com, if you’re not familiar w/his work, you SHOULD BE, he’s WAY funnier than me lol…and you don’t have to like or even know about comics to enjoy it). More blooper to come! (i’d do more now but i’ve got more important chores to tend to than rewatching ALL the footage from prior episodes & picking clips right now) and now i’m rambling. Thanks for watching! MUCH LOVE! Ciao!
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYLY2mkA width=”640″ height=”510″]


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