Tech issues & LABN 1.10 Pt. II (FINALLY)

(forgot to post this one here yesterday)
[ width=”640″ height=”510″]
(it explains why this took SO LONG to get up)

Sorry this took so long, my computer seems to hate me (see yesterday’s tech difficulties update post for details) but I FINALLY got this re-edited & up! I’ll edit & post part III later (the final segment) which will have full credits for all the art i used in part I etc. I will also be posting a special Vlog & Episode of LABN for this week (being the 19th, sorry we’re still trying to get the show back on schedule, tech difficulties keep knocking it back off) is a special episode of music & movie recommendations for Trans Remembrance day 2011 😀 something to look forward to. Thank you for watching, you guys are AWESOME & so patient! MUCH LOVE! PEACE! ❤

[ width=”640″ height=”510″]


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