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sorry, i took a bit of an extended vacation because i’ve got a pinched nerve in my back that has had in in frequent agony and/or just plain exhuasted for the last week & a half, which sucks.  In good news though, i DID have an awesome holiday w/my partner & his family, they totally RULE!   hope you all had an enjoyable holiday as well.

Anyway, to make up for the lengthy break in updates, here’s a whole mess of silly pix, enjoy! (sorry for no captions etc, my hand is getting tired).


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need a last minute gift? try my etsy!

its nearly christmas & I’m sure some of you still have a lil last minute shopping to do, if you’d like to get something cute, kitchy & handmade by an artisan from the Pacific NW, there is still time to place an order at my Etsy shop!

just visit the link above to browse my selection of ready made & made to order items.

Best wishes to you all and thank you for your readership!

also a note-I will be out of town from thursday the 22nd to monday the 26th, if i have the time I will post entries for these days all at once, if not I’ll be out of commission for those days…either way I wish you all a happy holiday season, safe travels, responsible drinking and much richly deserved merriment! ❤ much love!

LD A.K.A. Linoge Ginsberg the gay beatnik

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DHP Dec. 19th Ed. (Fruits Basket)

Down kitty, down! (Fruits Basket)

don't mind us, male bonding & all, you know how it is (Fruits Basket)

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DHP Dec. 18th Ed. (Wyrd Sisters)

*face palm* (Wyrd Sisters ©Terry Pratchet)

it wont work, living people are not allowed to be ghosts! (Wyrd Sisters ©Terry Pratchet)

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DHP Dec. 17th Ed. (Spongebob)

Squidward has the worst luck (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)

see what I mean? (Spongebob ©Nickelodeon)

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DHP Dec. 16th Ed. (Blackadder)

Leave them to me sir, I mean to torture them in a manner so terrible, even YOU will become sick! (Blackadder ©BBC)

Blackadder dupes the prince into believing he is in fact the scarlet pimpernel (Blackadder ©BBC)

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DHP Dec. 15th Ed. (Futurama)

I saw what you did there 😛 (Futurama ©FOX)


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