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DHP April 30th, 2012- Robin Hood Men In Tights

can you believe this shit?

We're the men in tights and we're BUTCH! YES! *SNAP*

cha, you WISH it was that big buddy ๐Ÿ˜› (i doubt she does though, that'd hurt)

Pat Stewart, handsome as ever ๐Ÿ˜€


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DHP April 29th, 2012- My Blue Heaven

Steve Martin as Vinie, he's a mafioso from NY but frankly he sounds & looks WAY more like he's from Jersey if ya ask me

to quote mr. Takei...OH MY ๐Ÿ˜‰


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DHP April 28th, 2012- America’s Sweethearts


WHOA! down, ya psycho hose beast!

oh jeez...what are the signs of a heart attack?

Sorry i missed a couple days, been a rough week.ย  CHEERS!

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DHP April 23, 2012- George of the Jungle

i'm trying to get them to do the YMCA w/me, but they don't wanna ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I really like this cheesy lil 90s flick...and before you ask why...this is really the main reason... ๐Ÿ˜‰ mmmm

javajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajava *BREATH* javajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajava

bad man falls in poop, CLASSIC element of physical comedy, now comes the part where we all throw our heads back & LAUGH! READY??


straight man in his natural habitat (look familiar ladies ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol)
also, i'm sure this is what some of you looked like on friday last ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL (i would have if i could eat junk food like that, i made a bunch of homemade snacks & chowed down)


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DHP April 22, 2012- more Blazing Saddles (sorry)

Willy Wonka is, BAD ASS Jewish gunslinger! *bang! bang!*

mighty glad those fingers ain't loaded ๐Ÿ˜‰

*sniff sniff*...whats that smell...

now kiss him, that'd be so HOT!


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DHP April 21, 2012- Blazing Saddles

WTF is this shit?

Bart? is it just me, or is the world...rising?
I dunno, but whatever it, I hate it.

get on the wire to the main office, tell them i said 'OWWWWWW'
tell them i said 'OWWWWW', got it!

well, thats the end of this suit


have you ever seen such cruelty?

ummm...sir...what exactly is in that cigar? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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DHP April 20, 2012- recommended viewing for today, the highest of holidays

*stiffled cough* word bro

Something a lil different today, i didn’t’ get an episode of LABN together because the computer editing is still really fiddly & i dunno if I’ll get it back off the ground at this point (not as any kind of frequent thing anyway), but I STILL wanted to share w/you my list of recommended viewing & listening for today…now I’m sure you expect the usual videos to show up here, well only a couple do because unlike the average toker, I like entertainment of a slightly different variety when I’m flying high.ย  I will also post toward the bottom some pix I’ve sorted out that are holiday appropriate!ย  So Here’s a list of things I enjoy on this high holiday ๐Ÿ˜‰

#13- Reefer Madness- Lets get the obvious ones out of the way first.ย  The original or the re-release as a musical w/Alan Cummings in it, both are good entertainment.ย  Although heres an interesting tid bit, the original was every bit as much about the anti drug propaganda as it was about being able to show racy, scantily clad ladies & plenty of violence, but back in the day you had to have a REASON to show that sort of thing, so they said ‘its anti- reefer propaganda, yes, thats it’ and its green lit.

#12- Any of the Beatles films (my favorites are ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘HELP!’).ย  Another obvious viewing choice for today would be any one of the movies the Beatles put out over the course of their careers, Yellow Submarine, HELP!, Magic Mystery Tour or Hard Days Night, all are enjoyable classics. (I even have the Yellow Submarine Poster)

#11- Spirited Away (Japanese w/the subtitles)- This was higher up on the list initially until it dawned on me, not all smokers like to try & keep up w/subtitles while high, so I bumped it up the list a bit (though you can watch it in English, its really much more enjoyable in Japanese w/the subtitles in my opinion).ย  I still recommend it and watching it w/the subs….mmmm subs *drool*…it really is better…

#10- Le Fabuleux Destin D’ Amelie Poulain (French w/subtitles)- Again, a foreign film w/subs but worth the watch, even if you don’t speak French, its still a delightfully whimsical romp all over Paris, w/one of the most wonderful soundtracks & romantic tales I’ve ever enjoyed.

#9- Monkey Bone- A ridiculous, 90s, hetero male comedy (juvenile humor) all the way, this surreal, silly, partly claymation flick is always good for a few cheap laughs & you almost HAVE to be high to watch it (another good one like that is Beetlejuice)

i had this tshirt in high school, still have the front i cut it off for a patch

#8- Empire Records- Back before Rene Zelwiger went all skeletor on us, back when she was still cute.ย  This is n adorable, high energy, goofy, 90s teen movie about a record store and the audiophile dorks who work there, and I love it to bits.ย  Its just a fun, simple movie with a good cast a lots of laughs.

#7- Fight Club followed by Death to Smoochy- Two great films staring the very talented Mr. Edward Norton, my friends and I have a fun theory that made watching these two back to back a habit…the thought is that Tyler Durden from fight club went into SERIOUS therapy & anger management and turned into Sheldon Mopes (no really, think about it, especially the scene at the end where he snaps & is considering shooting Danny DiVito’s character, really, it makes perfect sense lol), try it and enjoy and intense and funny viewing experience and have your mind blown.

#6- Fifth Element- I LOVE THIS FILM! beginning to end, front to back I think it is one of the seriously underrated sci-fi flicks of the 90s.ย  Its visually inspired & captivating, the plot flows nicely and doesn’t drag (like at all, rare) but its also not ALL action, the music is more like an environmental background noise most of it (thusly creating the perfect accent to the visuals), the costumes are amazing the acting is consistently good and if you haven’t seen it yet, you SHOULD! Its a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience and I only wish I’d had the chance to see it in theater during its initial release, because that would have been AWESOME! (and Ruby Rod reminds me of my best friend from childhood) You should see this movie!

Not to mention a great & sexy villain, Zorg...Bruce is lookin damn hot in this flick too ๐Ÿ˜‰

Leeloo Dallas, MULTI PASS!

#5- NC’s ‘We’re Back’ & Top 11 Drug PSAs & Mindfucks (as well as any Linkara or Spoony)- Those of you unfamiliar with That Guy W/The Glasses & his crew, where the fuck have you been? under a rock? get w/the program, the new tv is internet broadcasting free of FCC restrictions & censorship! WORD! And, in particular, you should REALLY check out the Nostalgia Critic’s reviews of We’re Back!, his Top 11 Nostalgic Drug PSAs & his Top 11 Nostalgic Mind Fucks, TOTALLY PRICELESS! You should also familiarize yourself with The Spoony Experiment, w/Spoony (Noah Antwiler) and Atop The Fourth Wall, w/Linkara (Lewis Lovhaug)…for starters with the Spoony one, I MUST recommend the various D&D movie adaptation reviews(Mazes & Monsters, Lords of Magick & Skull Duggery…his hour & a half long drunken ramble on the latest twilight film is a riot too) …another good one for today is his review of the ET game for the Atari (a lil ode to Apocalypse Now)…but quite possibly his BEST video for today would be this one (pack a bowl before you watch it).ย  As for AT4W starters, I’d recommend his Doom review, any of the Silent Hill review series (though you may not fully get the behind the scenes plot lines, he does his own independent story arches, the man is a GENIUS!…they ALL three are)…his Batman- Fortunate Sonreview is pretty hilarious & perfect for today (Batman Vs. Rock & Roll…wait, what?)ย  Dig in & enjoy their archived for real though, because you WONT be sorry you did (you’ll get hooked on these guys & keep coming back for more :D)

Spoony's mad scientist alter ego, Dr. Insano

The NC impersonating & mocking Tommy Wiseau who is like a bizzaro Fabio. speaking of Tommy, you should watch his review of the Room too, its in his archives

THIS COMIC SUCKS! lets light it on FIRE!

#4- Dave the Barbarian- A seriously underrated & short lived series on toon disney, if you’re a regular here on the DHP you’ve seen my hilarious stills from this cartoon, this show was ridiculous.ย  It was all about irony, staring an incompitant sorcerer, a cowardly & effeminate barbarian (mostly what got it canceled, complaints he was too gay..fuck you right wingers), a useless dragon (well, he’s really more of a dumb little flying potato or something), and adorable & ineffectual villain in the form of the Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy,ย  a lil girl who is constantly mistaken for a monkey and your average princess trying to run a kingdom in the anachronistic sticks of medival Europe.ย  We even get the voice of Invader Zim himself showing up on two ocassions playing the incredibly inept & pathetic soul Ned Frischman, who acquires a magical time zipper that allows him to go back in time and visit our heroes.ย  This show is fun, simple & impressively clever for a Disney cartoon.ย  We also have the mostly evil princess Irmaplots & her mother who are voiced by Joan Rivers & her daughter respectively.ย  Look this show up, if you enjoy a fun, silly cartoon full of cheeky mildly ironic humor, check this one out, it is one of my FAVORITES!

found your inner child dave

Dave, he's got a thing for musical theater (thats NOT necessarily GAY DAMN IT! LOL)

#3- The Imposters- A hilarious comedy of errors w/an all star cast, I really don’t have much to say other than WATCH THIS MOVIE, you’ll be laughing like mad! Stanely Tucci & Oliver Platt star as two out of work actors who end up as stow aways on a cruise ship w/an angry premadonna actor who isnsists they assaulted him…add a depressed debutant w/her money grubbing now broke mother, a suicidal lounge singer played by Steve Busccemi, a Russian spy portrayed by Tony Shalhoub, and many other random characters, all collide and make this a ridiculously silly ride that will have you laughing all the way to the end.

Oliver Platt in drag, how can you go wrong...

the suicidal lounge singer, Steve here has a GORGEOUS singing voice, who knew?

The stewardess who will help keep our guys under wraps & her horn boss a Fritz s&m nut who REALLY needs a clue LOL

#2- The Big Lebowski- ya know, at first I was SO NOT a fan of this film..but it really grew on me, kinda like the music of Frank Zappa, a lil jarring and grating at first, you have NO CLUE what to expect, whats happening, whats going on, but its funny and crazy like, and it has the DUDE, you can’t go wrong w/this classic mind fuck of a movie.ย  Great cast, crazy plot, lots of pot, whats not to like?


Been using this phrase since i was a teen, same inflection too, and i didn't see the movie until a few years ago...its just my stance on a lot of people subjective bullshit views of the world that are completely contrary to reality...well, thats like your OPINION man...(now could ya'll work on keepin it to yourselves? ๐Ÿ˜‰ that'd be great)

#1- so what could possibly be at the top of the list? what could it POSSIBLY BE??

BLAZING SADDLES!!! you can NOT go wrong with this classic Mel Brooks flick, it is just perfect.ย  and it has a line that has gotten a LOT of mileage since the election of or current President ๐Ÿ˜‰ (particularly when making fun of the fact that the right wing blatant racists who have REALLY come out of the woodwork the last four years, this one in particular).ย  This movie is just great, what Mel Brooks film isn’t? (no really, name one? space balls is SLOW but i still love it).ย  Gene Wilder (HOT) and Cleavon Little (GORGEOUS) are quite the dynamic duo, not to mention the comedy of Slim Pickins (speaking of, Dr. Strangelove, another one that is a must watch, perfect for today too because you’re gonna need a few bowls to get through the SHEER CULTURE SHOCK of that one, its intense).ย  This movie is one of Mel Brooks finest and one of my favorites, I am telling YOU to go and get yourself a copy to enjoy! POST HAST!

Don't no body move, or i'll shoot!

even they enjoyed a lil 420 now & again ๐Ÿ˜‰


Thats my recommended viewing for today, I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll go check out some of these fine films and shows, below are a few songs I enjoy (classics of course) this time of year.ย  CHEERS & BLAZE ON! I’ll see ya’ll tomorrow *wanders off in a puff of smoke*

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