DHP April 9, 2012- Peter Panda (by LD Originals)


Today I decided I’d post the project pix from last nights craft project, I made him for a friend’s birthday from cotton socks that had black heels & toes, the socks were too small and when I got them i thought ‘hey, it looks like a panda’ and I just went from there.

using a pattern from the book ‘Socks Appeal’ (i used the Hamster pattern as a visual guide as it was closest to the shape I was aiming for, page 78 & featured on the cover), I turned these socks-

the socks I started with, after I cut them into the pieces i needed

Into a cheeky panda :). Enjoy!  PS- I HIGHLY recommend the book ‘socks appeal’, some clever ideas for happy crafts!

pre-stuffed panda body

Stuffed panda body, oops I've lost me head!

Panda head

Hello, my name is Peter Panda, will you be my fwiend?
Finished panda, 100% cotton socks, poly fill fiber, satin bow, acrylic chartreuse button eyes, all hand sewn.

Like Peter Panda? want one for yourself? Message me on my Etsy and place an order (this one is spoken for, he was made just for my friend who’s birthday is coming up real soon)

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