DHP April 12, 2012- Sharon Needles of RPDR #4

Still I made last night while rewatching this season of RPDR, Sharon's expression when Shangela popped out of that box was PRICELESS!
she looks like she wants to bite her head right off, thats the sneer of DEATH girl! (Phi Phi has the invisible blow job going on LOL)

i LOVE pussy 😉 (don't we all)
Sharon Needles in RPDR #4, episode 7

Dan Savage (Pacific NW REPRESENT!) and his reaction when Phi Phi referred to the lovely Latrice Royale & the spunky Dita Ritz as 'the help' (i'm still gagged by that, could not believe my ears my marys)


and now for a smidge of shameless self promotion, the L.D. Originals & Custom Couture Etsy shop has some fun new items, be sure to click the hyper link & check em out 😀 (there’s a really adorable stuffed ducky I made & a bunch of one of my signature items, L.D.’s spirit beads…my hottest seller).



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