DHP June 6, 2012- Anchors Aweigh, Gene Kelly & Sinatra

is it just me or does he look like he’s just moments away from giving that phone receiver head? lol

Frank Sinatra hasn’t quite grown into that face yet, but once he did he was stunning (in fact, if you just cover his ears you can see more or less what he’ll look like when he’s older, so i guess its those ears he hasn’t grown into yet)..regardless though, he already had that AMAZING voice and he always had those heartbreakingly blue eyes *swoon*

sample your technique…see i’m a dame & you’re you, now pick me up…
the homosexual overtones in this flick are HEAVY…i dunno if its just the sailor suits or what but DAMN 😉 (not that i have a problem with homo overtones between Kelly & Sinatra ;D MEOW!)

I imagine this is something like what Gene would look like on set when you FUCKED UP his choreography LOL (he was apparently a REAL perfectionist queen about his work, not surprising, it shows 😀 but he could be a real pain on set)

SURREAL! this is where the movie starts its little trip down LSD lane…i’ll post more amusing pix from the little animated adventure in tomorrows DHP


This was an interesting film to say the least but certainly isn’t my favorite Gene Kelly flick.  It had some great moments but was mostly two awkward bumbling straight guys being awkward & bumbling, though the animation sequence was FLAWLESSLY put together by Hanna/Barbera animations (though I will confess to actually preferring seeing Stewie from family guy dance with Gene Kelly more, i know BLASPHEMY right, but for one reason or another I do…probably the improved animation quality due to the improvement in technique & technology).  You get to hear Frank Sinatra’s golden singing voice which is just as beautiful as ever it was and you get to see an amazing pianist & a full chorus of other pianos play an amazing classical music piece (i was literally in awe, it was amazing and the man’s hands are LIGHTNING on a keyboard, simply stunning) and of course Gene Kelly’s incredible choreography.  I give it 3 out of 5, good but not his best work.  Singin in the Rain is still our favorite! 😉


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