DHP June 13, 2012- More Simpsons and an NC episode :D

haha, i never noticed the guy in the back there, eating his sandwich w/a pair of tongs, lol

this is even more painful than it looks 😦

i used to have nightmares like this…back when my grandmother would tell me i was going to grow up to be a mother and have LOTS of babies *shudder* the horror

can’t get the fishy, bahaha

hey, give me back my hot dog you son of a…


NC (the nostalgia critic) did his ‘top 11 favorite simpsons episodes’ last week for his show, check it out, its a pretty good countdown and definitely included some of MY all time favorites (I think homer’s enemy is still one of my favorites)
[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/gbk7gvnMZwI?p=1 width=”780″ height=”438″]


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