DHP July 22nd 2012- Simpsons

amusing freeze frame of bart i caught the other day when i paused the cartoons before leaving for the store

continuity error, continuity error, this is season 14, well after marge gave his shirt to the goodwill back in season eight

whoa, lou was yellow in his first appearance


SUPER sorry for being gone for like a week and change, things have been SUPER hectic here, i’m going into a psychiatric outpatient program this month to help get me my much needed meds back and hopefully find a new therapist and to help solidify my SSI claim w/an up dated psychological profiling, wish me luck. but be warned, updates may be off & on for a while longer still.  thank you for your patience




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DHP July 9, 2012- RIP Ernest Borgnine/Mermaidman

Today’s DHP will be dedicated to the memory of Ernest Borgnine who passed away yesterday age 95 (a perfectly acceptable age to go, but I’m still sad), you may remember him from such things as The Love Boat, McHale’s Navy, Airwolf and the like, or possibly as the voice of Mermaidman from the Spongebob cartoons on nickelodeon (one of my favorite bit characters from the series).  So today we salute Ernest & his departure, he leaves behind a great career of entertainment and he will be missed.  RIP Mermaidman 😉

i had always wondered WHY they used a clip of Ernest giving the thumbs up in the first mermaidman episode of Spongebob, now i know lol. RIP Ernest Borgnine



bikini bottoms noblest, boldest, OLDEST super heroes!


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DHP July 3, 2012- Daria

this would be very surreal…a kid shining your shoes? in the 90s, while you’re babysitting….weird


oh yeah, whip that hair Jessy! lol

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DHP July 1, 2012- Treasure of the Sierra Madre pt1

that is one AWESOME mustache, no?

Howard’s face says ‘yeah, you shake on it here, but wait until we actually hit pay dirt…’

the longer on in the movie the more these two look like they’re wearing black face, between the film contrast, their dark beards getting thicker and their skin being tanned & dirty

I think ol’ dobbsie’s cheese done slid off his cracker folks

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DHP June 28, 2012- The Big Sleep

you do sell books here, don’t you, hmm?

you could sure try me mister…

well, hello there..

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DHP June 24, 2012- Fifth Element + shameless self promotion

Cross posted from my Vitamin Gay blog-

as you my readers know, I have an etsy store front! :O I’m a tailor/costumer and all around artist and I sell my various wares there in my shop. What you may not know is that I also sell vintage stuff there…like typewriters, vintage vinyl, antique hats and so forth. Be sure to check back often for the regular stock updates, I add items at least twice a week :).

I also have a nice and expanding variety of drag queen accessories, garter belts, thong underwear (and soon bras), corsets (photos coming soon), shoes and more.

Help support a starving trans artist pay the bills and start his savings pile for that elusive top surgery (I’ll start running a tally once I’ve got something in there…currently I’ve got $1, help me add to it 😀 & wish me luck!)

Much love! and enjoy the last of Pride Month 2012 (someone have a scotch old fashioned for me please? i no can has booze 😦 )

that awkward moment when you realize, ‘oh shit, i forgot my line…’

deduction dear Watson my boy

WHOA! where the fuck did you come from?

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DHP June 23, 2012- simpsons cape feare

side show bob’s to do list, dude use a PEN! lol


apt tattoo!

grandpa simpson laughs at your shenanigans!

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