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DHP August 18, 2012- A WHOLE BUNCH OF SHIT!

I’m super sorry i have been so wretchedly AWFUL at keeping up w/this blog of late ladies & gents…my life has been in a real uproar lately, got a friend moved in & stayin w/us because she’s got mental problems akin to my own (giving her a safe space basically), other roommate is his usual pain in the ass self, and on top of that i’ve been having some serious health complications (mental and physical), one of which had me in the ER at 4AM two days ago…I’ll be fine, and i’m feeling much better but just wanted to let y’all know WHY i’ve been so terrible at keeping up w/this lately…i haven’t forgotten you my wonderful readers, my life has just been kinda nightmarishly hectic of late (and starting next week i’m starting to work on the first of the halloween commissions…a steampunk dress & two pairs of goggles).  Anyway, since I’ve been so lax in posting lately, here’s a WHOLE MESS of silly pix for y’all to enjoy! Cheers!

male bonding at its best lol

Eddie picks flowers in the park

the secret of the secret box is the most secretest secret in all of secretdom, no one can know…not even…SQUIDWARDS HOUSE!

the sort of thing people like Mitt Romney & Donald Trump get up to, i’m sure

GAH! this mission is such a headache!

amusing freeze frame i got when i paused the show to go do something

Rose trying to be sexy…i don’t know if its working 😉










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DHP June 4, 2012- Animaniacs

fill our heads with lots of facts, our first day of school!

thats nice teach, we’ve got eyes in the back of our heads too…SEE!

these children are going to be more difficult than previously thought

time for a pop quiz

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sorry, i took a bit of an extended vacation because i’ve got a pinched nerve in my back that has had in in frequent agony and/or just plain exhuasted for the last week & a half, which sucks.  In good news though, i DID have an awesome holiday w/my partner & his family, they totally RULE!   hope you all had an enjoyable holiday as well.

Anyway, to make up for the lengthy break in updates, here’s a whole mess of silly pix, enjoy! (sorry for no captions etc, my hand is getting tired).

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DHP Dec. 6th Ed. (Good Feathers)

ah crap, i'm about to get hit by rush hour traffic...well shit... (Animaniacs ©WB)

yeah, he deffinitely needs our help... (Animaniacs ©WB)

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DHP Dec. 4th Ed. (Animaniacs)

Ahh the animaniacs, any time someone tries to hurt them, they just drive them insane (Animaniacs ©WB)

floss your own teeth you lazy bastard! (Animaniacs ©WB)

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DHP Nov. 23rd Ed (Animaniacs)

A pinup from Slappy's briefly lived modeling career LOL (Animaniacs ©WB)


Minerva Mink & Dot, Minerva Mink, the character that had to be written out of the show because she was FAR too provocative 😉 (no really thats why they wrote her out) (Animaniacs ©WB)

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DHP Nov. 8th Ed. & Blooper Reel #3 (Animaniacs)

*SMOOOSH* (Animaniacs ©Warner Bros)


(Animaniacs ©Warner Bros)

Plus, blooper reel #3 and a news update for Lets All Be Neurotic (LABN)

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