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here for your enjoyment, a bunch of pix from Nickelodeon’s AVATAR- THE LAST AIRBENDER! which i’ve been working my way back through of late when i have time to actually sit and enjoy it.  the date of my friend’s wedding is rapidly approaching and i’ve still got a tail coat to make myself and a gown to finish for her, plus i’m making the cake :D.  i figured since i had a moment though i’d treat you, my loyal followers, to some fun photos to laugh at, enjoy!


I call that saka style, LEARN IT!

i'm not sure what you just said, but i'm pretty sure it was full of crazy!

DAWWWW! who'd guess this was the most POWERFUL being in the whole world (their world anyway)

octopus Ang


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DHP Dec. 19th Ed. (Fruits Basket)

Down kitty, down! (Fruits Basket)

don't mind us, male bonding & all, you know how it is (Fruits Basket)

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DHP Dec. 9th Ed. (Shigura)

OH YE GODS! (Fruits Basket)

On second thought Tohru it looks like I have some work to do, I guess you'll have to go to the store alone... (Fruits Basket)

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DHP Nov. 29th (Fruits Basket)

Fruits Basket is one of my ALL time favorite anime 😀 (©Fruits Basket)


chopsticks battle HI-YAH! (©Fruits Basket)

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DHP 29th Ed.

UNBELIEVABLE!!! (Fifth Element ©Columbia Pictures)


Kyo wakes up w/Aya next to him…he is NOT happy (Fruits Basket ©Natsuki Takaya)


Help! I’ve fallen & I can’t get up! (Other Side ©Red Hot Chili Peppers)


WTF was in that coffee I just drank? (Dave the Barbarian ©The Disney Channel)


Ren…because its my favorite episode of this show! (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)

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