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DHP August 30, 2012- Yellow Submarine


supposin there aren’t any blue meanies in the area…

my footnotes for my latest book, this is my standard procedure for doing it, and while i compose it, i’m also reviewing it…

Ringo carrying John as they escape the blue meanies encampment





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DHP July 1, 2012- Treasure of the Sierra Madre pt1

that is one AWESOME mustache, no?

Howard’s face says ‘yeah, you shake on it here, but wait until we actually hit pay dirt…’

the longer on in the movie the more these two look like they’re wearing black face, between the film contrast, their dark beards getting thicker and their skin being tanned & dirty

I think ol’ dobbsie’s cheese done slid off his cracker folks

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DHP June 28, 2012- The Big Sleep

you do sell books here, don’t you, hmm?

you could sure try me mister…

well, hello there..

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