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DHP July 27 2012- Me & my silly giant bunny ears

Had another order for a pair of my giant bunny ears, this one was a rush order for an Alice in Wonderland shoot that is happening w/a photographer in Chicago this monday (hope i get to see the results :D).  In the mean time, here are a couple photos of me modeling them so my customer could see how they turned out.

NOTE- I do other animal ears too (cat ears, dog ears, smaller bunny ears, goat ears, etc etc etc) and all kinds of other costuming and tailoring, be sure to check out the site-

L.D. Originals & Custom Couture, GLBT Friendly Fashion & So Much More!


preliminary this morning before i sewed the actual fastening straps & camouflaged the stabilizer rigging 🙂

amusing totally accidental freeze frame, bunny buck teeth & all LOL

16″ tall giant bunny ears, available for $40 a pair in my etsy shop, $50 for rush orders (any order that a lots less than 2wks time to complete), available in standard headband style and giant bow tie strap on 🙂




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