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DHP May 3, 2012- PepperAnn

relax ma’am! we’re from the government!

its amusing that Milo started out as an artist who’s work scared the shit out of all who gazed upon it…and later became the most respected young artists in Hazelnut

Nicky- I AM Pepper Ann!

what can i say, evolution ROCKS! ­čśë lol


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DHP April 23, 2012- George of the Jungle

i'm trying to get them to do the YMCA w/me, but they don't wanna ­čśŽ

I really like this cheesy lil 90s flick...and before you ask why...this is really the main reason... ­čśë mmmm

javajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajava *BREATH* javajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajava

bad man falls in poop, CLASSIC element of physical comedy, now comes the part where we all throw our heads back & LAUGH! READY??


straight man in his natural habitat (look familiar ladies ­čśë lol)
also, i'm sure this is what some of you looked like on friday last ­čśë LOL (i would have if i could eat junk food like that, i made a bunch of homemade snacks & chowed down)


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DHP Oct. 23rd Ed. (Dave the Barbarian)

who knew Candy had a beard? LOL guess she was right to wig out in that one episode (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney)

Crystal ball cellular, for all your conversation needs (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney)

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DHP September 1st Ed. (Dave the Barbarian…Many Faces of Faffy)

Because its what i was watching tonight! plus, the pix are funny, even if you’re not a fan or even familiar w/the show (of course they’re even funnier if you are). Enjoy! And so begins our third month of DHP!

Faffy got bit by the Were-Dave (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney)
Great, Faffy ate the script, NOW what? (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney)
OK FUNNY GUY, SPIT OUT THE WAND! (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney)
Swallowed the punch bowl (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney)
Who knew Faffy could play cards (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney)

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DHP August 3rd Ed.

OK, who slipped Spongebob the cyanide? (spongebob ┬ęNickelodeon)
Can I get mine w/out the sea? thanks (spongebob ┬ęNickelodeon)
see, this is why you don’t mess w/a sprite! they’ll mess w/your head LOL (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney channel)
I have friends who get this way about shoes (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney channel)
Faffy in his off time…chatting & playing cards w/his dragon pals (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęDisney channel)

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Daily Humour Pix 6th Ed.

Tonight I’m featuring weird stills from two of my favorite shows, Spongebob Squarepants & Dave the barbarian…YES they are kids show, and YES this makes me a HUGE geek, but ya know, there’s a LOT of very funny adult humour in these shows AND they’re both INCREDIBLY SURREAL…don’t believe me?? well look at these…

I honestly have no idea what is happening here lol…but its funny lookin (Spongebob Squarepants ┬ęNickelodeon)
NO, I LIKE wearing my underwear like this…why is there ICE under the ocean, but he can still move freely? (Spongebob Squarepants ┬ęNickelodeon)
HERES MUSTARD IN YOUR EYE!! (Spongebob Squarepants ┬ęNickelodeon)
Faffy runs into the camera and goes SPLAT! (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęThe Disney Channel)
One of my ALL TIME favorite bit characters in this show, Twinkle the Marvel horse, a depressed my little pony voiced to sound like Christopher Walken, WHATS NOT TO LOVE?? (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęThe Disney Channel)
And, for no logical reason, here’s Dave with a squid on his face (Dave the Barbarian ┬ęThe Disney Channel)

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