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DHP May 17, 2012- more simpsons

revenge of the nerds…get em boys!!!

yes…that is quite a pickle they’re in…

the proto hummer…the homer

sad clown 😦

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DHP April 13, 2012- The Critic (ooo four pix today)

Hee-Haw the next generation!

silly raptor, you don't smoke a pipe!

why doesn't this sort of thing happen in my kitchen 😉

I didn't ASK to be secretary of balloon doggies, the balloon doggies DEMANDED IT! isn't that right mr. balloon doggy?

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DHP April 8, 2012- Simpsons

death by cupcake?

my favorite simpson moments (or moments in any cartoon show really) are the moments when the characters completely lose their minds and start hallucinating 😀 thats always a riot

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DHP Dec. 15th Ed. (Futurama)

I saw what you did there 😛 (Futurama ©FOX)


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DHP Oct. 27th Ed. (Tyler Durden)

No one knows they saw it, but they did...nice BIG cock 😉 (Fight Club ©Fox)

Do NOT fuck with us! (Fight Club ©Fox)

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DHP August 31st Ed. (BURNING MAAAAAAAN…american dad)

I’m taking you to BURNNNING MAAAAAAAAN!!!! (American Dad ©Fox)
Imagine this but 70ft TALL!!! GAAHHHHHH! (American Dad ©Fox)
Yeah its the anniversary of a big fight we had. ‘what about?’ oh i forgot our anniversary…never gonna do that again….(American Dad ©Fox)
I thought it was like the hiccups, if we scare her maybe she’d get better…(American Dad ©Fox)
THANK YOU ROGER! you just gave me MY reach around! (American Dad ©Fox)

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DHP August 5th Ed.

QUICK FARNSWORTH, beat it w/the whisk! (Futurama ©Fox)
this just amused me…wiggly face tentacles (Futurama ©Fox)
WHOA! looks like the drugs are kickin in! (Futurama ©Fox)
Monster truck wrestling (Futurama ©Fox)
Bender is totally tripping balls (Futurama ©Fox)

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