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DHP Jan. 3rd Ed. (Harvey Birdman) + LABN 1.14

Che Gorilla? (Harvey Birdman ©Adult Swim)

look at the pretty bunny! (Harvey Birdman ©Adult Swim)


my third favorite poem, found my book finally, and letting you know why i disappearred there for a while. thank you for your patience with me. hope ya’ll had a great xmas & an awesome new year! much live! cheers! here’s to 2012, next ep. will mark the start of LABN season 2, hopefully smother going *crossed fingers*


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LABN Presents- Random Thoughts…and ODD conversation

Yes this stuff actually exists, people pay for it ($30 a shot apparently) and yes, I am EXTREMELY Squiked by the idea…seriously WTF PEOPLE? (what am I talking about? well you’ll just have to watch this video of an unusual conversation I had w/my partner…enjoy).

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DHP October 16th Ed. (Animaniacs) + LABN Blooper Time!

TEETH! (Animaniacs ©Warner Bros.)


Pop quiz! (Animaniacs ©Warner Bros.)


First blooper reel for Lets All Be Neurotic, clips taken from footage from episodes 1.1-1.3, don’t worry, there’s plenty more bloopers to come, just didn’t think you’d want to sit through an FEATURE LENGTH blooper reel LOL, funny as it might be :P. Unfortunately i don’t know when i’ll be able to buy a new memory card & cord adapter for my camera so LABN might be just mini episodes from ‘bored surveillance’ etc for a while 😦 it will depend on when i get paid for various commissions i’ve done recently, etc. Hope you enjoy this blooper reel! (set to ‘the gonk’, special thanks to Linkara for letting me know the name of the tune & where i could find it…he’s a comic reviewer on, if you’re not familiar w/his work, you SHOULD BE, he’s WAY funnier than me lol…and you don’t have to like or even know about comics to enjoy it). More blooper to come! (i’d do more now but i’ve got more important chores to tend to than rewatching ALL the footage from prior episodes & picking clips right now) and now i’m rambling. Thanks for watching! MUCH LOVE! Ciao!

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Cross Posts From LABN, Bored Surveillance #7 & #7.5

Time for funny videos, here’s a cross post of the two latest from Lets All Be Neurotic (LABN), enjoy (and leme know which one you like better)

Because I couldn’t manage an episode of LABN for the 1st, I edited an edition of Bored Surveillance I’ve been meaning to post for a LONG while…

Something I recorded WAY back in early July, possibly even end of June, me doing the dishes and acting like a HUGE spazztick geek, I added effects to make it more, unusual (yes, i really enjoy the trippy effect that the mirror effect adds, i also like dicking w/the colors). Hope you enjoy this lil spazz attack…normally I use public domain music but this time I just HAD to use this song, its ‘Goofy Goober Rock’ from the Spongebob Squarepants Movie Soundtrack and it just suited the footage so well. Enjoy & thanks for watching!

I decided that the original posting of my ‘Dance Like No One’s Watching’ video yesterday was a BIT heavy on the silly special effects & that you couldn’t actually see much of my dancing (though the trippy effects were fun…at least i thought so)… Because of this I decided to post the original copy sans the effects (aside from increasing the speed obviously, thats part of what makes it so funny). Enjoy and let me know which one you liked better…Cheers!



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LABN Ep.s 1.5 & 1.6 Ginsberg Recommends Queer Duck Pt.s 3-4

COMPLETELY forgot to cross post last week’s Lets All Be Neurotic episodes, here’s the descriptions etc 😀 enjoy!

LABN Ep. 1.5-
All sorts of random, minor, magical mishaps this week, first I show off by changing my kerchief & then we have a random appearance, missing glasses and more silliness. Thank you for watching & please, be sure to comment :)!

LABN Ep. 1.6-
This week more wackiness ensues as we review episodes 12, 13 &14. Two guest stars make cameo appearances toward the end, we got to see our fag hag Wysskers (from Snack Time #1) and my partner Blaine shows up to translate for us as he plays the role of our resident French language expert. Hope you enjoy this weeks episode, thank you for watching, next week is our last week of Queer Duck for now (there are two episodes we’re saving for December and we’ll get to the movie in a few weeks after we take a breather). Much love!!

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