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DHP April 16, 2012- More RPDR stills

the 'i'm gonna get you bitches' sneer a la Sharon Needles, her intro scene this season, get em girl!

you can't plan that shit LOL...Milan Vs. Kenya (hehe, both place names), the show down that sent Kenya home 😥
this was amazing to watch! go watch the episode now-

motor boat those imaginary titties girl! *brrrrrmmmmmm*
my two favorite queens this season, Miss Sharon Needles & the lovely Latrice Royale 😉 ❤

get that pickle girl 😉 ❤

now a lil shameless self promotion…L.D. Originals & Custom Couture just had a price drop, thats right, everything was reduced in price, stop by & check it out!


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