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DHP Dec. 3rd Ed. (Soul Music) + LABN Yule Tide Queer #1- Queer Duck

CMOT DIBBLER! (Soul Music ©Terry Pratchet)


Buddy, is it you playing or the guitar playing you? (Soul Music ©Terry Pratchet)

Merry seasons greetings everyone, seeing as how it is the month of December, the festival of lights, the time of yule, Christmas, Hanukkah and all the other religions winter festivals, I thought I’d share with you all my favorite GLBT themed holiday goodies. We start this week with the two episodes of Queer Duck I didn’t review back in September. First we have ‘Homo for the Holidays’ and after that ‘Santa Claus is Coming Out’. Also, in the spirit of World AIDS day, which was the 1st of December, stay tuned after the end credits to see a cheeky French advert encouraging us all to get tested regularly & know our status. Cheers! Much Love ❤ and as always, thank you for watching! *hugs*


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DHP October 17th Ed. (Queer Duck)

'Do you still feel QUEER??' As a high school drama teacher! (Queer Duck ©



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LABN Ep.s 1.5 & 1.6 Ginsberg Recommends Queer Duck Pt.s 3-4

COMPLETELY forgot to cross post last week’s Lets All Be Neurotic episodes, here’s the descriptions etc 😀 enjoy!

LABN Ep. 1.5-
All sorts of random, minor, magical mishaps this week, first I show off by changing my kerchief & then we have a random appearance, missing glasses and more silliness. Thank you for watching & please, be sure to comment :)!

LABN Ep. 1.6-
This week more wackiness ensues as we review episodes 12, 13 &14. Two guest stars make cameo appearances toward the end, we got to see our fag hag Wysskers (from Snack Time #1) and my partner Blaine shows up to translate for us as he plays the role of our resident French language expert. Hope you enjoy this weeks episode, thank you for watching, next week is our last week of Queer Duck for now (there are two episodes we’re saving for December and we’ll get to the movie in a few weeks after we take a breather). Much love!!

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DHP August 12th Ed.

Jack Nicholson & QD & Friends, trash the theater where they attended the oscars (Queer Duck©Showtime)
Queer Duck’s gay uncle says, yup there is one in EVERY family…and its HIM not me (Queer Duck©Showtime)
Rabi Moose…because…I like moose…isn’t he CUTE 😀 (Queer Duck©Showtime)
OH NO! Its a Barney FRANK-ENSTEIN! RUN! (Queer Duck©Showtime)
SOMEBODY, take that Yentl directors cut DVD away from QD, he’s starting to loose it again LOL (Queer Duck©Showtime)

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DHP 31st Ed.

Queer Duck & the gang! (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
What are you doing up? its not even noon… (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Bi-Polar Bear, still my favorite ! (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Queer Duck interrupts the clansmen about to burn down his house (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Queer Duck goes to heaven & meets Socrates, Davinci & Walt Whitman (Queer Duck ©Showtime)

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DHP 21st Ed.

WTF? (The Critic ©Fox)


Jaw dropping… (Queer Duck ©Showtime)


WOW! those make you look like a TOTAL nerd! (The Simpsons ©Fox)


WHOA! I need a shave! (Ren & Stimpy ©Nickelodeon)


Daria hit a time warp (Daria ©MTV)

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DHP 20th Ed.

Judge Harry tries out a gift from his mother (Night Court ©NBC)
Queer Duck announces to his family that he’s gay, at his Bar Mitzvah no less (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
WHOA! Take it easy there Squidward, he’s right in front of ya, you don’t have to yell. (Spongebob Squarepants ©Nickelodeon)
Bobby Whiskey, a hallucination Rocko has when he’s drunk (Undergrads ©MTV)
OH NO! GIR’s drink is trying to eat him! (Invader Zim ©Nickelodeon)

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