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DHP August 13, 2012- Rocko’s Modern Life OH MY!

HEF!? put some pants on!


oh the subtle visual adult jokes of the 90’s how i miss’s Rocko riding a beaver ;D BAHAHAHA!

ahem…here’s Hef riding a…uh…chicken…yes, chicken, thats it





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DHP October 19th Ed. (Rocko’s Modern Life)

Yeah, i've had this reaction to random google search results too...(Rocko's Modern Life ©Nickelodeon) know, FOR KIDS! ūüėČ (Rocko's Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)

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DHP September 4th Ed. (Rocko Modern Life)

So Rocko is interviewing people for the position of assistant at the store he works…his choices are, a hobo clown (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
Eggs w/a side of bacon (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
this freaky crab alien creature thing (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
a giant fly (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
and an insane…cat person?…who believes themselves to be a bomber in WWII ūüėõ (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)

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DHP August 27th Ed. (More Rocko)

Ah Peaches…you crazy SOB (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
LOOK OUT SPUNKY!! (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
And now, for your enjoyment, a dancing koala SWAT team LOL (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
I’M A WILD PIG!!! (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
TOO CLOSE, just a little TOO CLOSE! (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)

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DHP August 24th Ed. (Rocko’s Modern Life)

OH MY!! cartoons in the 90’s were NAUGHTY LOL and we LOVED IT ūüėČ (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
Nude chicken in a payphone booth, NOT something you see every day (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
Mr. Bighead’s eyes have turned into fried eggs apparently LOL (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
the doctor is sneaking up on you, he is a mad man, get out while you still can….*gulp* (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)
hell of an eye exam there doc ūüėõ (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©Nickelodeon)

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DHP August 19th Ed. (Rocko’s Modern Life)

Rocko’s brain needs a safety belt lol (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©NIckelodeon)
Why is there a moose in their fridge? (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©NIckelodeon)
Rocko man, pull yourself together, geez talk about going to pieces (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©NIckelodeon)
ok seriously…HOW? (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©NIckelodeon)
what is this, a side show?? looks like the spider in the Bigheads’ bathroom was a bit bigger than Rocko anticipated (Rocko’s Modern Life ¬©NIckelodeon)

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