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DHP April 11, 2012- Avatar

you put WHAT in the poridge this morning??

caught with your hands in the cookie jar as it were fellas


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here for your enjoyment, a bunch of pix from Nickelodeon’s AVATAR- THE LAST AIRBENDER! which i’ve been working my way back through of late when i have time to actually sit and enjoy it.  the date of my friend’s wedding is rapidly approaching and i’ve still got a tail coat to make myself and a gown to finish for her, plus i’m making the cake :D.  i figured since i had a moment though i’d treat you, my loyal followers, to some fun photos to laugh at, enjoy!


I call that saka style, LEARN IT!

i'm not sure what you just said, but i'm pretty sure it was full of crazy!

DAWWWW! who'd guess this was the most POWERFUL being in the whole world (their world anyway)

octopus Ang


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DHP 30th Ed.

Men, you’re going to war soon, and you must be prepared for ANYTHING!…(Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
WAIT, that cat has a mustache AND a goatee, lol (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
lettuce leaf? (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
EXTREME CLOSEUP!! WHOAAAA! (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
Floppsey! (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)

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Daily Humour Pix 5th Ed.

Saka- I don’t know WHY I bother sometimes *groan* (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
WTF IS THAT!? (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
White, from Venture Bros, as Thanatos God of death (The Venture Bro.s ©Adult Swim)
Chief Justice Burger, its never clarified as to whether he’s really real or a collective hallucination of the students at state U and in particular Nitz Walsh (Undergrads ©MTV)
Dave the Barbarian & the gang cross over into Scooby Doo, kinda (Dave the Barbarian ©The Disney Channel)

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