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DHP August 18, 2012- A WHOLE BUNCH OF SHIT!

I’m super sorry i have been so wretchedly AWFUL at keeping up w/this blog of late ladies & gents…my life has been in a real uproar lately, got a friend moved in & stayin w/us because she’s got mental problems akin to my own (giving her a safe space basically), other roommate is his usual pain in the ass self, and on top of that i’ve been having some serious health complications (mental and physical), one of which had me in the ER at 4AM two days ago…I’ll be fine, and i’m feeling much better but just wanted to let y’all know WHY i’ve been so terrible at keeping up w/this lately…i haven’t forgotten you my wonderful readers, my life has just been kinda nightmarishly hectic of late (and starting next week i’m starting to work on the first of the halloween commissions…a steampunk dress & two pairs of goggles).  Anyway, since I’ve been so lax in posting lately, here’s a WHOLE MESS of silly pix for y’all to enjoy! Cheers!

male bonding at its best lol

Eddie picks flowers in the park

the secret of the secret box is the most secretest secret in all of secretdom, no one can know…not even…SQUIDWARDS HOUSE!

the sort of thing people like Mitt Romney & Donald Trump get up to, i’m sure

GAH! this mission is such a headache!

amusing freeze frame i got when i paused the show to go do something

Rose trying to be sexy…i don’t know if its working 😉










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DHP July 9, 2012- RIP Ernest Borgnine/Mermaidman

Today’s DHP will be dedicated to the memory of Ernest Borgnine who passed away yesterday age 95 (a perfectly acceptable age to go, but I’m still sad), you may remember him from such things as The Love Boat, McHale’s Navy, Airwolf and the like, or possibly as the voice of Mermaidman from the Spongebob cartoons on nickelodeon (one of my favorite bit characters from the series).  So today we salute Ernest & his departure, he leaves behind a great career of entertainment and he will be missed.  RIP Mermaidman 😉

i had always wondered WHY they used a clip of Ernest giving the thumbs up in the first mermaidman episode of Spongebob, now i know lol. RIP Ernest Borgnine



bikini bottoms noblest, boldest, OLDEST super heroes!


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DHP June 3, 2012- Spongebob

we bought you a new bed squidward, hop in 😀

i always wanted that shirt


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DHP June1, 2012- Spongebob

SQUIDWARD! hide your shame!

what is this, i don’t even..


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DHP May 8, 2012- Spongebob & a word from our sponsors


MR. KRABS! that is HIGHLY inappropriate behavior for childrens programing, you should be ashamed! (and in front of all those customers too :O OH MY!) LOL

wtf are you two doing??


and now, something COMPLETELY off topic, a word from our sponsors (sorta)


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I am trained in- sewing, pattern & fashion design (I make ALL my own patterns), crafting & accessory making, costume replication & cosplay gear (making reproductions of costumes from movies, anime and other such sources), corsets & undergarments, etc.

I specialize in working w/the GLBT community, but I work with anyone.
I charge $10hr for my services, design consultations are free (I even include a free, custom fit dress form which I also make myself, see photos). If you have a costume you want replicated I WILL need photo references (as many as possible).

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(all photos from the wedding, courtesy of T&R Boyd Photography of Portland-
Wedding Garb1 by ~LDOriginals on deviantART
Wedding Garb4 by ~LDOriginals on deviantART
Wedding Garb6 by ~LDOriginals on deviantART
body double by ~LDOriginals on deviantART

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DHP IS BACK BABY! DHP April 7, 2012- spongebob

clearly this is NOT my day

my hands, they're so...yellow...whoa man

extreme jacks (how bout we let the fellas from jack ass play this, the bowling balls SHOULD split their skulls, then the problem has solved itself)


BONUS- blooper clip of Bozzley running ammuck lol-

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sorry, i took a bit of an extended vacation because i’ve got a pinched nerve in my back that has had in in frequent agony and/or just plain exhuasted for the last week & a half, which sucks.  In good news though, i DID have an awesome holiday w/my partner & his family, they totally RULE!   hope you all had an enjoyable holiday as well.

Anyway, to make up for the lengthy break in updates, here’s a whole mess of silly pix, enjoy! (sorry for no captions etc, my hand is getting tired).

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