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DHP August 8, 2012- To Wong Foo

guess they couldn’t afford much for the makeup budget apparently…dear hollywood, cover girl does NOT cover man (remember young queenies, its VERY important…panstick IS your friend)

douchebag to do list (what a closet case)



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Daily Humour Pix 17th Ed.


Bjork, wearing Chanel, Coco Chanel’s corpse that is. OH MY! (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Rupaul in a confederate flag dress, amusing and ironic (To Wong Foo ©Universal)
Double joke here, a joke on 7-Up is the OBVIOUS one…but most of his victims get 8-Up, by the izzes (The MAXX ©MTV)
Weird Al is a PEACOCK! who knew (Perform This Way ©Weird Al)
SCREAMING APE W/GLASSES!!! GAH!! (George of the Jungle ©Disney)

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Daily Humour Pix 2nd Edition

Tonights series of stills are from a variety of things.  I’ve decided that each days post will contain 5 pix of the day, and, unless I stumble upon a string of rather amusing stills from a particular show, I choose them at random by going through one of my compilation folders and randomly choosing 5 that catch my eye.
So here are the pix for the day!

Frasier proposes to Niles, or at least thats how it appears, they were really there to buy Daphne’s engagement ring.  (Frasier ©CBS)
Noxema Jackson (Wesley Snipes) demonstrates the fact that, if you’ve got em by the balls, their hearts and minds WILL follow.  (To Wong Foo ©Universal Pictures)
Bart: I dunno, something about a bunch of guys, alone in the woods, seems kinda gay… (The Simpsons ©FOX)
Queer Duck: I have seen a LOT of drag queens, but you are GOOD! OMG TOO GOOD, YOU’RE A WOMAN! GAH!! (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
Milo K. ever femme, ever amusing, the sensitive 90’s artist.  (Milo from Pepperann ©Disney)

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