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DHP July 27 2012- Me & my silly giant bunny ears

Had another order for a pair of my giant bunny ears, this one was a rush order for an Alice in Wonderland shoot that is happening w/a photographer in Chicago this monday (hope i get to see the results :D).  In the mean time, here are a couple photos of me modeling them so my customer could see how they turned out.

NOTE- I do other animal ears too (cat ears, dog ears, smaller bunny ears, goat ears, etc etc etc) and all kinds of other costuming and tailoring, be sure to check out the site-

L.D. Originals & Custom Couture, GLBT Friendly Fashion & So Much More!


preliminary this morning before i sewed the actual fastening straps & camouflaged the stabilizer rigging 🙂

amusing totally accidental freeze frame, bunny buck teeth & all LOL

16″ tall giant bunny ears, available for $40 a pair in my etsy shop, $50 for rush orders (any order that a lots less than 2wks time to complete), available in standard headband style and giant bow tie strap on 🙂



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DHP June 24, 2012- Fifth Element + shameless self promotion

Cross posted from my Vitamin Gay blog-

as you my readers know, I have an etsy store front! :O I’m a tailor/costumer and all around artist and I sell my various wares there in my shop. What you may not know is that I also sell vintage stuff there…like typewriters, vintage vinyl, antique hats and so forth. Be sure to check back often for the regular stock updates, I add items at least twice a week :).

I also have a nice and expanding variety of drag queen accessories, garter belts, thong underwear (and soon bras), corsets (photos coming soon), shoes and more.

Help support a starving trans artist pay the bills and start his savings pile for that elusive top surgery (I’ll start running a tally once I’ve got something in there…currently I’ve got $1, help me add to it 😀 & wish me luck!)

Much love! and enjoy the last of Pride Month 2012 (someone have a scotch old fashioned for me please? i no can has booze 😦 )

that awkward moment when you realize, ‘oh shit, i forgot my line…’

deduction dear Watson my boy

WHOA! where the fuck did you come from?

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DHP June 10- fruits basket + rebroadcast of old LABN eps



stfu you little BRAT!



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DHP May 8, 2012- Spongebob & a word from our sponsors


MR. KRABS! that is HIGHLY inappropriate behavior for childrens programing, you should be ashamed! (and in front of all those customers too :O OH MY!) LOL

wtf are you two doing??


and now, something COMPLETELY off topic, a word from our sponsors (sorta)


One of a kind bespoke clothier specializing in custom fit clothing for the GLB & Trans community, costuming & props for drag artists & other performers, wedding & formal wear (men & women’s), plus size women’s wear and clothing for the petite gentlemen (but I’ll work with any size), also offering a wide variety of accessories and much, MUCH MORE!

I am trained in- sewing, pattern & fashion design (I make ALL my own patterns), crafting & accessory making, costume replication & cosplay gear (making reproductions of costumes from movies, anime and other such sources), corsets & undergarments, etc.

I specialize in working w/the GLBT community, but I work with anyone.
I charge $10hr for my services, design consultations are free (I even include a free, custom fit dress form which I also make myself, see photos). If you have a costume you want replicated I WILL need photo references (as many as possible).

Remember, to get that custom fit to achieve the perfect look you crave, be unique, wear an original.

To see my portfolio visit here-

To see my online store front visit here-

*rate quotes include supply costs in the total, minimum down payment is necessary to start any new project (down payment varies depending on size of project & the amount of supplies needed).

**Pictured below are photos from the wedding I tailored this spring for a good friend, the total package cost $1040(including fabric, supplies & all…$860 for the tailoring fees) and included the following- free consultation & design session, free body double (hand tailored, duct tape dress form I designed, ensures a perfect, customized fit), wedding gown w/accessories (crinoline, garter & hair accessory), grooms best and flower girl dress. Schedule your consultation TODAY!

(all photos from the wedding, courtesy of T&R Boyd Photography of Portland-
Wedding Garb1 by ~LDOriginals on deviantART
Wedding Garb4 by ~LDOriginals on deviantART
Wedding Garb6 by ~LDOriginals on deviantART
body double by ~LDOriginals on deviantART

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DHP May 7, 2012- MINI T Speaks out w/FCKH8

Had to blog this as tomorrows, thought i’d post it early as a lil treat to make up for there not being posts the last few days.  a couple stills from the latest FCKH8 campaign video, AND the video to…Mini T Says ‘I Love my bitches & hoes, but don’t be hatin on the homos!’


don’t be hatin on the homos!

spread the gayness fool!


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Update, sorry about the extensive hiatus

I am so SO SORRY i have all but disapeared the last couple months, the vlog explains everything & then some *HUGS* much love *smooches*
*NOTE* for SOME REASON it WILL NOT allow me to insert the player windows, so here are the direct links, my apologies.
Pt. 1-
Pt. 2-

Say hello to my friend... (Blackadder property of BBC)


Well roast my raisins, he's popped it (Blackadder property of BBC)

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DHP Jan. 3rd Ed. (Harvey Birdman) + LABN 1.14

Che Gorilla? (Harvey Birdman ©Adult Swim)

look at the pretty bunny! (Harvey Birdman ©Adult Swim)


my third favorite poem, found my book finally, and letting you know why i disappearred there for a while. thank you for your patience with me. hope ya’ll had a great xmas & an awesome new year! much live! cheers! here’s to 2012, next ep. will mark the start of LABN season 2, hopefully smother going *crossed fingers*

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DHP Dec. 3rd Ed. (Soul Music) + LABN Yule Tide Queer #1- Queer Duck

CMOT DIBBLER! (Soul Music ©Terry Pratchet)


Buddy, is it you playing or the guitar playing you? (Soul Music ©Terry Pratchet)

Merry seasons greetings everyone, seeing as how it is the month of December, the festival of lights, the time of yule, Christmas, Hanukkah and all the other religions winter festivals, I thought I’d share with you all my favorite GLBT themed holiday goodies. We start this week with the two episodes of Queer Duck I didn’t review back in September. First we have ‘Homo for the Holidays’ and after that ‘Santa Claus is Coming Out’. Also, in the spirit of World AIDS day, which was the 1st of December, stay tuned after the end credits to see a cheeky French advert encouraging us all to get tested regularly & know our status. Cheers! Much Love ❤ and as always, thank you for watching! *hugs*

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DHP Nov. 27th Ed. (harvey birdman)+ LABN 1.12- Spookey Ruben

** Sorry for taking the last two days off, been sick 😦

(Harvey Birdman, Adult Swim)


oh looky here, its 1 o'clock, time for an order of tea & strumpets (Harvey Birdman, Adult Swim)


musician who a friend introduced me to back in 2003. Enjoy this short but no less SURREAL episode of Lets All Be Neurotic (sorry its a day late but trust, if you’d seen the footage I initially shot, you’d be thanking me). Hope ya’ll had a great thanksgiving! next week is the start of ‘Yule Tide Queer’ kicking it off w/the queer duck holiday episodes. see you next saturday CHEERS! Much Love!



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DHP Nov. 22nd Ed. (Red Dwarf) + LABN Cross Post- Trannylicious Special

frankly, i'm shocked cat would wear something SO HIDEOUSLY TACKY! (Red Dwarf ©BBC)


now kiss him! it'd be hot LOL (Red Dwarf ©BBC)

sorry this is posting late, the site kept hanging up on my upload this morning & later in the afternoon before i went to bed, so I had to wait until I got up to try again. Here’s part one, part two is edited and will post imediately after this one has completely uploaded & processed. Enjoy! & MUCH LOVE!

Here’s the second half of this week’s episode (sorry for putting opening credits on both halves, was exhausted when i rendered this half and wasn’t thinking). Enjoy! thanks for watching and MUCH LOVE! (don’t forget to tell your friends about the show 😉


Little vlog on Trans Remembrance Day (sorry its late) this weeks (the episode for the 19th, still getting the show back on schedule) LABN is trans related reading, music & movie recommendations, be sure to check it out! General update Vlog as well as a rant about crappy doctors coming later this week. thanks for watching! much love! peace! (and happy holiday this week)

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