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Update, sorry about the extensive hiatus

I am so SO SORRY i have all but disapeared the last couple months, the vlog explains everything & then some *HUGS* much love *smooches*
*NOTE* for SOME REASON it WILL NOT allow me to insert the player windows, so here are the direct links, my apologies.
Pt. 1-
Pt. 2-

Say hello to my friend... (Blackadder property of BBC)


Well roast my raisins, he's popped it (Blackadder property of BBC)


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DHP Jan. 3rd Ed. (Harvey Birdman) + LABN 1.14

Che Gorilla? (Harvey Birdman ©Adult Swim)

look at the pretty bunny! (Harvey Birdman ©Adult Swim)


my third favorite poem, found my book finally, and letting you know why i disappearred there for a while. thank you for your patience with me. hope ya’ll had a great xmas & an awesome new year! much live! cheers! here’s to 2012, next ep. will mark the start of LABN season 2, hopefully smother going *crossed fingers*

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DHP Jan. 2nd Ed. (The Venture Bros)

oh how sweet, a bible...well if you don't mind i brought my own book for this little ritual...(Venture Bros ©Adult Swim)

KIKI! grab my traveling suit & fetch me my walking stick! there's a mystery afoot .(Venture Bros ©Adult Swim)

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DHP Jan 1st Ed. (Blackadder)

I hate you English & your ridiculous conception that all Frenchmen are amazing lovers...I'm French, and I'm hung like a baby carrot & a couple of peas! (Blackadder ©BBC)


well roast my rasins, he's popped it! (Blackadder ©BBC)

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