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DHP Jan. 2nd Ed. (The Venture Bros)

oh how sweet, a bible...well if you don't mind i brought my own book for this little ritual...(Venture Bros ©Adult Swim)

KIKI! grab my traveling suit & fetch me my walking stick! there's a mystery afoot .(Venture Bros ©Adult Swim)

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DHP August 20th Ed. (Venture Bros.)

I LOVE Hunter, they REALLY captured Hunter S. Thompson w/this character (Venture Bros. ©Adult Swim)


looks like someone punched him in the gut lol (Venture Bros. ©Adult Swim)


Shore-leave, he’s SO gay he makes me look like a mere metrosexual (Venture Bros. ©Adult Swim)


#21 got BAD ASS (Venture Bros. ©Adult Swim)


You COULD try to take over White’s mind & use him as a pawn in your plan to cause chaos, but he’s such an airhead there’s really no point (Venture Bros. ©Adult Swim)


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Daily Humour Pix 5th Ed.

Saka- I don’t know WHY I bother sometimes *groan* (Avatar ©Nickelodeon)
WTF IS THAT!? (Queer Duck ©Showtime)
White, from Venture Bros, as Thanatos God of death (The Venture Bro.s ©Adult Swim)
Chief Justice Burger, its never clarified as to whether he’s really real or a collective hallucination of the students at state U and in particular Nitz Walsh (Undergrads ©MTV)
Dave the Barbarian & the gang cross over into Scooby Doo, kinda (Dave the Barbarian ©The Disney Channel)

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Daily Humour Pix 3rd Edition

Todays assortment comes from Daria, The Venture Bros., Spongebob, Rupaul’s Drag Race & Are You Being Served?…now thats pretty damn random isn’t it lol.

Mr. DiMartino is one of my all time FAVORITE cartoon characters, hands down.  ‘WHAT do YOU want?!?’ (Daria ©MTV)
Henchman #21, Doctor Girlfriend & an unconscious Monarch…OH MY! 😉 (The Venture Bros. ©Cartoon Network; Adult Swim)
Manray…epic face palm.  (Spongebob Squarepants ©Nickelodeon)
Rupaul…invisible blow job! (actually reacting to Mystique Summers doing the splits) (Rupaul’s Drag Race ©LogoTV)
Mr. Humphries & Mr. Lucas…I didn’t know your name was Dick. (Are You Being Served ©BBC TV)

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