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DHP April 18, 2012- Wyrd Sisters

are you arguing with me??

there are RULES ya know, I can't just go around giving information out all willy nilly 😛

man just walked by with a cat on his head!
well i suppose someones gotta do it, just glad its not me...


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Update, sorry about the extensive hiatus

I am so SO SORRY i have all but disapeared the last couple months, the vlog explains everything & then some *HUGS* much love *smooches*
*NOTE* for SOME REASON it WILL NOT allow me to insert the player windows, so here are the direct links, my apologies.
Pt. 1-
Pt. 2-

Say hello to my friend... (Blackadder property of BBC)


Well roast my raisins, he's popped it (Blackadder property of BBC)

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DHP Dec. 16th Ed. (Blackadder)

Leave them to me sir, I mean to torture them in a manner so terrible, even YOU will become sick! (Blackadder ©BBC)

Blackadder dupes the prince into believing he is in fact the scarlet pimpernel (Blackadder ©BBC)

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DHP Nov. 14th Ed. (Red Dwarf)

wait for it...(Red Dwarf ©BBC)


DING! another great idea, brought to you by the creators of BEEEER MILKSHAKES! 😀 (Red Dwarf ©BBC)

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DHP September 27th Ed. (Are You Being Served?)

I SAY, thats one GREAT lookin bird!! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)


If you’re going to take off you’ll need a bigger propeller (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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DHP September 21st Ed. (Are You Being Served?)

WTF is that? its me shower cap, didn’t want to get me hair wet in the rain, had it up in curlers last night for the wedding tomorrow (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
can you believe what he just said? the nerve 😛 (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
Ms. S seems to like the music selection alright (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
and now for Mr. Humphries to put on a lil dance number, take it away…(Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
your turn mr. lucas…oh no not like that silly man (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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DHP September 9th Ed. (Are You Being Served?)

what was that?! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
epic face palm! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
I cost extra! 😉 (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
poor mrs. scchlocombe (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
can”t i get no privacy oy blimey! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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