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DHP June 11, 2012- Avatar


even the avatar has to show off for the ladies šŸ˜‰

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DHP April 14th, 2012- Avatar

You've got NO power here, and now its PAYBACK TIME!

You goin DOWN NOW!

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DHP April 11, 2012- Avatar

you put WHAT in the poridge this morning??

caught with your hands in the cookie jar as it were fellas

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DHP another brief, random post (more avatar)


what you gonna do NOW azula?

ever considered the wonders of...ACUPUNCTURE??? ;D

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DHP, back to its normal schedule soon

we’ll be back to our regular schedule second week of next month, after the wedding is all wrapped up & done. in the mean time, enjoy some more avatar šŸ˜€

awww ang is sad for Saka šŸ˜¦

wow...i don't know how to respond to that

silly Saka, that are not foods šŸ˜›

by far one of my favorite characters, the blind bandit šŸ˜€

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here for your enjoyment, a bunch of pix from Nickelodeon’s AVATAR- THE LAST AIRBENDER! which i’ve been working my way back through of late when i have time to actually sit and enjoy it.Ā  the date of my friend’s wedding is rapidly approaching and i’ve still got a tail coat to make myself and a gown to finish for her, plus i’m making the cake :D.Ā  i figured since i had a moment though i’d treat you, my loyal followers, to some fun photos to laugh at, enjoy!


I call that saka style, LEARN IT!

i'm not sure what you just said, but i'm pretty sure it was full of crazy!

DAWWWW! who'd guess this was the most POWERFUL being in the whole world (their world anyway)

octopus Ang


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DHP Dec. 14th Ed. (Avatar)

Momo will save us! Momo, go get appa! Momo? (Avatar the Last Airbender Ā©Nickelodeon)

get da bunny, get da bunny! (Avatar the Last Airbender Ā©Nickelodeon)

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DHP Nov. 18th Ed. (Avatar) + LABN news update

Fishy kissy face (Avatar the Last Airbender Ā©Nickelodeon)


Ninja tree gonna kick yo ass! (Avatar the Last Airbender Ā©Nickelodeon)

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DHP Nov. 11th Ed. (Avatar)

PEEEE-EWWWW! yup thats uncle's sandal alright (Avatar Ā©Nickelodeon)


Ang...dude, you've got some sort of freaky thin on your face... (Avatar Ā©Nickelodeon)

Also, GREAT NEWS, LABN will make its triumphant return this weekend (episode will probably not post until sunday as i JUST got the card reader working & i haven’t filmed anything yet), in the mean time though, enjoy this cute clip i was finally about to get off the camera of the Bozzley dog, stuck in the sleeve of my sweater…

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DHP Nov. 1st Ed. (Avatar)

ever get the feeling that something is following you? (Avatar Ā©Nickelodeon)


HELLOOOO?! Are you listening to me? (Avatar Ā©Nickelodeon)

(sorry these posts are late šŸ˜› i’ve been sick the last several days)

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