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DHP September 27th Ed. (Are You Being Served?)

I SAY, thats one GREAT lookin bird!! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)


If you’re going to take off you’ll need a bigger propeller (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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DHP September 21st Ed. (Are You Being Served?)

WTF is that? its me shower cap, didn’t want to get me hair wet in the rain, had it up in curlers last night for the wedding tomorrow (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
can you believe what he just said? the nerve 😛 (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
Ms. S seems to like the music selection alright (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
and now for Mr. Humphries to put on a lil dance number, take it away…(Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
your turn mr. lucas…oh no not like that silly man (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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DHP September 9th Ed. (Are You Being Served?)

what was that?! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
epic face palm! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
I cost extra! 😉 (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
poor mrs. scchlocombe (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
can”t i get no privacy oy blimey! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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DHP September 6th Ed. (Are You Being Served?)

Did you hear that? (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
If you listen closely, you can hear the fibers breath (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
Well, do you want it or not? (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
Mr. Lucas & Mr. Humphreys, i love his crushed velvet suit lol (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
is that a storm approaching? (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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DHP August 25th Ed. (Are You Being Surved?)

You want to do WHAT? (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
OH MY (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
LOVE Mr. Humphreys, He’s my favorite (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
laughing at Captain Peacock’s sad excuse for being late (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
Invisible boobies (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)

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DHP 23rd Ed.

Drunken Orgy at Blackadders anyone? (Blackadder ©BBC)
HELP! I’m trapped in this tiny house w/the lolly pop guild! (Are You Being Served? ©BBC)
Groucho Marx (one of my FAVORITE comedians, and frankly one of the BEST) dressed in a revolutionary war costume (Duck Soup ©The Marx Bros. & Paramount)
SAY WHAT?? (The Golden Girls ©NBC)
WTF IS THAT?? Tony reacts to finding a GIANT stuffed bunny in his kitchen (Men Behaving Badly ©BBC)

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Daily Humour Pix 3rd Edition

Todays assortment comes from Daria, The Venture Bros., Spongebob, Rupaul’s Drag Race & Are You Being Served?…now thats pretty damn random isn’t it lol.

Mr. DiMartino is one of my all time FAVORITE cartoon characters, hands down.  ‘WHAT do YOU want?!?’ (Daria ©MTV)
Henchman #21, Doctor Girlfriend & an unconscious Monarch…OH MY! 😉 (The Venture Bros. ©Cartoon Network; Adult Swim)
Manray…epic face palm.  (Spongebob Squarepants ©Nickelodeon)
Rupaul…invisible blow job! (actually reacting to Mystique Summers doing the splits) (Rupaul’s Drag Race ©LogoTV)
Mr. Humphries & Mr. Lucas…I didn’t know your name was Dick. (Are You Being Served ©BBC TV)

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